Shades of Light

Book One of the Walker Chronicles

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"High in the Imorg Hills live a sect of monks devoted to the teachings of Gharan-Dis, God of Wisdom and Balance. They prepare themselves for adulthood before striking out beyond the walls of their secluded monastery to explore the mysterious and dangerous world of Irith.


Abandoned there as an infant and raised by the pious monks, headstrong Torin has watched the years drag by, impatiently waiting for his time to commune with his god and become a Walker of the Light so he can begin his exciting new life.


But as his Trial finally approaches, Torin realizes that he wants something even more than what Gharan-Dis and Irith have to offer. And the path he chooses to get it will send him on a dangerous journey that may very well destroy his faith and change him forever."



Shades of Light: Book One of the Walker Chronicles is the first in a three-book set chronicling the exciting adventures of Torin, monk of Gharan-Dis, and his quest to become a Master. The story takes place in the Kingdom of Regdon in the world of Irith.


The Monks of Gharan-Dis


The monks of Gharan-Dis have existed over a thousand years. Gharan-Dis is the three-faced god of wisdom and balance. His followers have resided in monasteries dotting the land. The holy retreats, which have long been looked upon as institutions of knowledge and influence, were placed where people wished to take their children to learn and become strong to better survive in the world. Now the monasteries have dwindled in number to a few, thanks to the proliferation of magic among the populace.


The monasteries have since become repositories for very young children, who have anonymously been left in the monks' care to be raised as one of their own. The monks preach three disciplines: body, mind, and spirit using knowledge passed down through generations through scriptures and word of mouth called the Khorimaas. Summoning and using the power of their chi is an essential part of a monks' training and lives.


When a monk reaches adulthood, he commune with Gharan-Dis in what is the first of three trials on his journey to masterhood. If deemed worthy, Gharan-Dis will mark the inside of the monk's right forearm with a white eye. This marks him as a Walker of the Light.


A Walker of the Light will leave the monastery and begin exploring the world of Irith, following the path of goodness and learning about the concept of good from everyone he meets. Once the monk feels he has learned everything about good--which can take years--he returns home to commune with Gharan-Dis again in a second trial. If Gharan-Dis feels the monk is ready, he will brand the inside of the monk's left forearm with a black eye to mark him as a Stalker of the Night.


The newly created Stalker of the Night will leave once more and roam the land, learing all that he can about the ways of evil. This is the most trying time for a monk as he strives to become a master, for the lure of evil often corrupts the stalker, who abandons Gharan-Dis. Those who maintain their faith in the face of their newfound knowledge will return home and face their final trial with their god. If found worthy, the monk receives a gray eye on the middle of his chest below his throat.


Masters have demonstrated that they have mastered an understanding of good and evil and now stand in balance between the two (the gray between the white and the black). They usually retire to a monastery to become a Master of the Body. Later, they become Masters of the Mind and finally Masters of the Spirit.


The monks have been taught to shun magic, which is considered a corrupter of men and a crutch. With that in mind, they are taught to fear and respect wizards. Since priests of other deities are bestowed with holy magic by their gods, monks do not look at them as quite the corrupted individuals that wizards are because the power comes from the wise gods themselves.






Torin is the protagonist. He is tall, lanky and skilled in the ways of the Khorimaas--the practice of honing the body, mind and spirit.


He is headstrong and somewhat wayward, with an extreme curiosity for everything around him. He loves life and looks forward to becoming a man and exploring Irith to crack its mysteries. He also has another interest that distracts him.


His irreverance toward his god--Gharan-Dis--has drawn the notice of his brothers, sisters, and masters.






Torin's best friend, Quire is young by elven standards. More like humans than elves in his mannerisms, Quire has a propensity to crack wise. He also takes great joy in demonstrating his knowledge on a variety of subjects.


Quire supports Torin, although he doesn't always agree with where his friend is going or how he intends to get there.









Aisha is the same age as Torin and Quire and is also on the verge of adulthood. She has always found ways to be around Torin, mainly out of curiosity for what trouble he's currently in.


She also takes joy in irking him at times, although of late she has begun to show that she likes him.







Gaius Blackhollow


Gaius is a wizard, which the monks of Gharan-Dis have been taught to fear and respect. Torin, however, is quite curious about him and magic.


He is a man who is disliked by the people of Morahn, a town he lives in near the monks' monastery.


He is a few years older than Torin and has a rather reserved and cynical outlook on those around him.




Below is the outline I have for a nine book series, which begins January 1, 2013. With hard work and a little luck, each succeeding book will be released within a year. Click on the books below to bring up more information on each one.


The Walker Chronicles


Jan 1, 2013






Shadows of the Stalker








Legends of the Master









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